We Act

In order to achieve, channel and follow up both the mission and theobjectives of the organization, the following instruments are used:

  • Design, planning, development and implementation of Cooperation for Development and Education for Solidarity projects and programs
  • Implementation of actions to support training and awareness
  • Design, planning, development and implementation of projects and programs to encourage integration and participation of citizens in society.
  • Development of research projects, as well as analysis for further action and recommendations to the different public administrations and social players. 
  • Promote all kinds of courses, seminars, studies/research and public activities/projects on social, political and cultural rights.
  • Defending the right to education and academic freedom.
  • Collaborate with the education authorities and international agencies to promote respect for pluralism, tolerance, justice, responsibility and flexibility in all spheres of education.
  • Contribute to social welfare and, in particular to those groups composed of at risk of social exclusion and/or in situations of social vulnerability families, children rights, young people who have difficulties in social and labor integration.
  • Cooperation for development and welfare of the neediest people of countries in need, engage in social awareness towards the development of the South.


Our actions are developed at the local, regional, national, and European level as well as in other countries in Latin America and Africa.


SSF structures its work in the following areas:

  1. Migration and Integration
  2. International Projects-European Projects, Cooperation and Codevelopment
  3. Research, Training and Awareness
  4. Volunteering and Corporate Social Responsability (CSR)


Based on these guidelines and structure, our projects aim to influence holistically in the social and communitarian development of society, in order to build one that recognizes its own diversity, wealth and growth in the consolidation of more equitative and supportive structures.




Institutional Memory

Institutional Triptych SSF