THRIVE. Teachers’ Professional Development. Erasmus+ 2015 – 2017-

The basic aim of THRIVE project is to reinforce professional development of teachers of students up until 7 years old through an online course, in order to effectively promote positive behaviors in classroom and future school attendance and achievement. In particular “THRIVE” aims to:
• Educate teachers regarding the processes and methods of teaching.
• Provide teachers with valuable non-formal education methods in working with children towards the promotion of a positive school climate.
• Arm teachers with basic soft skills in order to prepare children to enter and succeed in the classroom.
• Improve teachers’ quality in monitoring and detecting risk factors of school attendance.
• Assist children’s’ self-development and enhance motivation of learning.
The project is composed by a consortium of expert partners from Spain, United Kigdom, Itlay, Grece and Germany.