Complementary action of applied research: “Opinion poll of residents in Bolivia and in Spain after making their right to vote “. 12/10/2014

As part of the actions of education for development, specifically in two axes of this area, applied research and advocacy, SSF has conducted an opinion poll of the residents of Bolivia and after making their right to vote for President and Vice President of his country on October 12, 2014.
This survey is an action of applied research, which complements and continues the study " transnationalism, Politics and Citizen Participation of Immigrants in the Community of Madrid: the experience of overseas voting and other practices of the population of Bolivian origin “Elections 2014". SSF within its framework of action has conducted this survey, in line with other initiatives of applied research that drives continuously within the area of ​​Education for Development. In fact, this particular action was made on its own initiative, when considered necessary to achieve its objectives with Bolivian immigrants. This survey was carried out simultaneously on a representative sample polling, the election day, October 12, 2104, in the cities of Valencia and Madrid.
To carry out this action, we were assisted by the renowned Belgian researcher Jean - Michel Lafleur, University of Liege, an expert in electoral issues, and specifically the Bolivian voting abroad. In fact, this researcher reference is author of "voting abroad" reissued by the OERP SIFDE in Bolivia, highlighting its cooperation with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.
The objective of this action of applied research was focused on public opinion and obtaining information on the political culture and knowledge of social and political participation of Bolivians residents in Spain, for the improvement and evaluation of the electoral process that opens possibilities to potential collaboration projects in the short and medium term and to give support to future projects.