"Transnationalism, Political Participation and Citizenship of Immigrants in the Community of Madrid: the experience of voting abroad and other practices of the population of Bolivian origin"

The main objective of the research was to make an approximation about the civic-political integration of Bolivian immigrants and their political ties with the society of origin, to outline important aspects of the experience of voting abroad in the general elections of Bolivia in the outside.

At the same time, through the study, identify the different forms and spaces of social and political participation in the Community of Madrid and the existence of factors and variables that intervene in the political-citizen linkage of immigrants with their home society. The results obtained provide a more detailed and in-depth knowledge about the causes and factors that foster this linkage or affiliation, in terms of interest and the exercise of political rights. These processes have a positive impact on both societies (origin and destination). A Bolivian immigrant who exercises the right to vote in Spain, is part of actions of social participation, claims and feeds democratic praxis on both shores (the socio-political remittances of the Bolivian population)
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