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Our European project KEEP ON has been selected as an example of good practice by the Spanish national agency SEPIE, due to its excellent results and good management. We are proud to continue offering the best of our work for use and improvement of other projects and entities. You can find the recognition at this link.

KEEP ON project aims at enhancing the professional development of school educators and teachers, equipping them with innovative approaches and methodologies to manage Cultural Diversity in order to prevent dropout of migrants and ethnic minorities, as well as refugees and asylum seekers. You can learn more about the project and access the materials and resources on its website.

We want to thank and congratulate all the partners of KEEP ON for such wonderful work that now is rewarded:

Manisa Güzel Sanatlar Lisesi

Regional Directorate of Primary & Secondary Education of Crete

BEST Institut Gmbh

Institute for the promotion of development and training S.L.