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ADALID EMPLOYMENT is aimed at promoting the labour inclusion of young people in a situation of social vulnerability in the municipality of Alcorcón, in coordination with the Social Services area, through personalised itineraries of accompaniment during the insertion process. The project will favour the employability of the neighbours of Alcorcón, promoting the acquisition and improvement of social and labour skills, as well as facilitating the adaptation to the needs of the labour market.

In order to promote social inclusion, avoiding any form of discrimination in access to employment, the Project ADALID EMPLOYMENT, contemplates the following activities:

Individual Tutorials of follow-up and accompaniment in the development of the itinerary of insertion of the person. An initial interview-welcome will be carried out where the SSF professional will fill in a needs assessment and Employability Diagnosis form, which will be the starting point for designing the individual insertion itinerary of the person assisted or the referral to other specialized resources.

Group workshops for active job search will be carried out, which include training sessions with contents on training and job search tools and resources, elaboration of curriculum, video curriculum, presentation letter, digital professional profiles, selection processes, etc. Workshops on job search through new technologies are included, in which people will be trained in the use of the computer focused on job search.

Training workshop in transversal skills, "Wake up your talent": participants will know and practice personal, social and work skills involved in finding and keeping a job, using coaching and emotional intelligence resources. The project contemplates an innovative element that is the process of identification, information and accompaniment to the formal recognition of social skills for the certification of skills learned throughout life. In this sense, SSF has the experience in the design and implementation of this activity through the European project LIGHTHOUSE (

A specific training activity will be carried out in a specific job profile and with the possibility of a work experience in collaboration with a company. The training activity will be determined according to the information about the needs and profiles of the people assisted, as well as the information about the needs of the labour market through the business prospecting activities and the network of public (Alcorcón City Council) and private alliances.

In coordination with the Town Hall of Alcorcón: contacts will be made with companies to find out about job offers and their conditions in order to provide the most appropriate employment guidance and to manage those that favour the incorporation of the people assisted into the labour market. Likewise, awareness-raising and advice will be given on the hiring of the groups assisted in the project and prospecting in the labour market will be carried out using the public and private network alliances, employment committees, as well as other interesting areas for reasons of employability.

The Project ADALID EMPLOYMENT is aimed at people at risk of social exclusion, ethnic minorities, among them: unemployed adults and young people (long-term priority and women), the general population with a low level of training, young people with immigrant parents/guardians (second generation), adults and young immigrants (legal residents) and people in general with few opportunities to participate in social, labour, leisure and family integration activities, etc., due to their personal or family situation.