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Together with SOLIDARIDAD SIN FRONTERAS BOLIVIA we are carrying out a project to strengthen the social and economic empowerment, as well as the social and political participation of women in the area of La Paz (Bolivia). This project is financed by the General Directorate of Social Services and Social Integration of the Department of Social Policies and Family of the Community of Madrid, Spain.

Women are trained in leadership and employability, gender equality and human rights, social and political participation, and a network of dialogue and participation is created among the beneficiaries and with public and private entities in the area.

To achieve this, we carry out activities in collaboration with other entities in the La Paz region as well as with public administrations.

Some of the activities we carry out are:                                                                .                     

  • Social mentoring and leadership workshops for women.
  • Training courses in financial education, credit and micro-enterprises.
  • Workshops for labour inclusion.
  • Job fairs for women.
  • Gender equality and empowerment courses.
  • Courses on human rights and gender mainstreaming.
  • Workshops on detection and response to situations of discrimination against women.
  • Legal advice and consultation on human rights and women's rights.
  • MOOC courses for the empowerment of women.
  • Database of good practices for women's social and political participation.
  • Workshops on social and political participation in the community.
  • Courses on how to create associations and mechanisms for community participation.
  • Women's Interlocution and Leadership Forum.                


Recently, its continuity has been approved as a project "FORTAPAZ - Strengthening the full exercise of Bolivian women's social and political rights". It will run from May 2020 to 2021 with the aim of continuing to provide tools for the empowerment of women in La Paz   

Update to April 2020: In the development of the project, a WOMEN'S SUPPORT PORT CARD has been produced which deals with labour issues and violence against women specifically. This has been created with questions that our beneficiaries had regarding these issues in particular, responding to them in a simple, understandable way but providing information within the framework of current Bolivian regulations.