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The EPIC project – European Platform of Integrating Cities (EPIC) - is funded by AMIF (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund). It seeks to address the challenges of the integration of migrants by targeting medium-sized cities that have the need to develop expertise in areas such as housing, labor integration, integration policy or counter-narratives, and at the same time are available to lend their expertise to support their counterparts in other LAs. This will allow a transfer of knowledge and know-how among Local Authorities with different degrees of experience and support a direct peer-to-peer practical learning that foresees exchange of knowledge, skills, and personnel on migrant integration matters. Furthermore, this approach will generate a tight-knit network of self-sustaining local authorities providing successful and efficient integration services.

The EPIC project sees ALDA as the Lead Partner and the involvement of 15 other partners: 7 NGOs, specifically Associazione ADL Zaidovici, Cooperazione Studio e Progetto 2, Symbiosis, Jesuit Refugee Service Portugal, Jesuit Refugee Service Croatia, Kitev, Solidaridad sin Fronteras (officially representing an additionally Municipality) and 6 LAs, in particular the Municipality of Brescia, the Municipality of Ioannina, the City of Lisbon, the Municipality of Oberhausen, the Municipality of the city of Gdansk, the Municipality of Sisak; in addition, the project will involve the University College London and the European Association for Information on Local Development (AEIDL) as cross-cutting partners.