Proyecto de Intervención Transversal para la integración de familias inmigrantes fase III. 2014

Transversal Intervention Project for the integration of immigrant families phase III has been carried out during 2014 by expert advice on immigration matters and labor law, administrative processes and social and labor insertion. This project has been funded with private funds, provided by the Private Enterprise Import and Export SA.
The aim of the project, already developed in the third phase is to provide a free professional and itinerant service aimed at all citizens under the principle of equal access to administrative regularity and the labor market.
During the first and second half of 2014 SSF have been developing individual sessions to assess the case and subsequent permanent citizen advisory. On the other hand, specialized group workshops for families in situations of social / administrative exclusion are developed. This service is complemented the implementation of training sessions on foreign issues, followed by training for employment.