Tercer boletín de noticias del proyecto europeo Interhealth

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The third newsletter of the European Project Interhealth is now available. We talk about the Interhealth app (IHapp), which allows healthcare professionals to identify the belief systems about the disease that patients of diverse cultural origin may have, and thus have a more open and empathetic attitude, that will contribute to an increase in the effectiveness of the intervention.
The objectives of the Interhealth Project are to:
  • Equip healthcare professionals with the intercultural competences required in order to provide medical and healthcare services tailored to the needs of their patients,
  • Provide non-formal educational methods that can be combined with the formal education of the healthcare professionals
  • Promote the efficient provision of healthcare to ethnic minorities that either inhabit or pass through the partner countries taking into consideration the significance of different perspectives on health and illness for an efficient and cost- effective healthcare system
  • Sensitize the decision makers of educational and health policies in the partner countries concerning the need of both patients and healthcare providers
  • Set off an international conversation and cooperation between healthcare professionals
  • Address current needs and challenges of healthcare professionals.