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MYth WORK project was designed to address the needs of young migrants, asylum seekers and refugees: on the one hand, to identify innovative techniques in the field of non-formal education addressed to young migrants, asylum seekers and refugees; and, on the other hand, to create - from these techniques - materials addressed to professional staff in the field of youth in order to have evaluated and quality tools.

The main target group of the project, therefore, was this professional staff that indirectly involved young migrants, asylum seekers and refugees (16-26 years old).

The objectives of this project have been:

  • To equip professionals in the youth field with innovative techniques to linking them with young people who have experienced a migration process.
  • To provide intervention techniques specifically adapted to the characteristics of the youth.
  • Promoting efficient youth work.
  • Promote transnational cooperation between organisations working with young people.

Below you can find the main products, result of the project:

  • O1. European Report on the obstacles encountered by youth workers in linking up with young migrants. State of play and good practices in Spain, Italy, Greece, United Kingdom and Bulgaria. (Report in English).
  • O2. The Reaching out Handbook: Innovative techniques to link with young people
    migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
    . (Documents in Spanish, Italian, Greek, English and Bulgarian)