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"De la Mano" project was born to promote the social and labor inclusion of people with physical and intellectual disabilities in the municipality of Alcorcón through the promotion of their employability, their professional skills, personal autonomy and equal opportunities. From February to September 2018, the following activities have been carried out in the municipality:

• Coordination with the City Council of Alcorcón and organizations which works with people with disabilities in the Southern Metropolitan Area of Madrid region.

• Interview-tutored host.

• Job Searching Workshop (BAE).

• Individual-tutorials.

• Workshop on New Technologies of Information and Communication (NICT) applied to job searching.

• Individual-tutorials of information and guidance.

• "Despierta tu talento" workshop. Development of personal, social and labor skills and training in transversal skills for the searching and maintenance of employment.

• Group-support workshops.

• Individual-support tutorials.

• Workshop on Empowerment and Conflict Resolution.

• Volunteering with SSF.

• Informative sessions on volunteering with Madrid and European dimension.

"De la Mano" project is aimed at people with disabilities, specifically:

• People with physical disabilities, up to 65%, recognized by the administration. People with physical disabilities with a recognized level of dependence, up to Grade II.

• People with mental disabilities, up to 65%, recognized by the administration. People with psychic disability with a recognized dependency level, up to Grade II.

• Persons who, due to their disability status, have been discriminated in access to employment, promotion or vocational training, despite fulfilling the necessary requirements to carry out these activities.