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  • Más Empleo (La Caixa)


    "Más Empleo" (More Employment) is a project for social and occupational integration that began in its first edition in October 2019 with the support of "la Caixa" social work aimed at people with disabilities.

    This project aims to promote the social and occupational inclusion of people with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities in the municipality of Alcorcón, promoting their employability, autonomy and equal opportunities.

  • Socio-labour inclusion project "Avanzando" 2020


    "Avanzando" is a socio-labour inclusion project, which aims to strengthen the active social inclusion and personal autonomy of people in vulnerable situations in the municipality of Alcorcón and other municipalities in the Southern Metropolitan Crown of the Community of Madrid through employment, training and social participation. To this end, a series of actions are proposed to improve their employability and labour insertion, and to develop and recognise their social and labour skills through classroom training.  


    ADALID EMPLOYMENT is aimed at promoting the labour inclusion of young people in a situation of social vulnerability in the municipality of Alcorcón, in coordination with the Social Services area, through personalised itineraries of accompaniment during the insertion process. The project will favour the employability of the neighbours of Alcorcón, promoting the acquisition and improvement of social and labour skills, as well as facilitating the adaptation to the needs of the labour market.

  • DE LA MANO 2019

    "De la Mano" project was born to promote the social and labor inclusion of people with physical and intellectual disabilities in the municipality of Alcorcón through the promotion of their employability, their professional skills, personal autonomy and equal opportunities. From February to September 2018, the following activities have been carried out in the municipality:

  • Interdiversidad

    “Interdiversidad” is a regional project implemented in 2018 to promote the social inclusion of young people between 14 and 30 years of age living in the Southern Metropolitan Area of the Community of Madrid through actions aimed at fostering coexistence in social and cultural diversity, social participation and the efficient management of diversity in the fields of education and sport.

    The project has been implemented in 2018 and was financed by the Directorate General of Social Services and Social Integration.


  • Voluntariado Sin Fronteras

    "Voluntariado Sin Fronteras" project is an initiative of Solidaridad Sin Fronteras (SSF) whose general objective was to strengthen the voluntary movement and the associative fabric in the Southern Metropolitan Area of Madrid Region (Alcorcón and Leganés) through voluntary activities of an innovative nature and through coordination with the different entities related to voluntary action.

    In this way, through 8 activities executed from April to October 2019, SSF achieved



    The "Madrid South on Network" Project aims to promote and foster the reception of the foreign population residing in the municipality of Alcorcon and neighbouring municipalities, in terms of both socio-labour and civic integration, through orientation actions and individual and group legal advice on immigration matters, sociolabour orientation actions and actions that promote knowledge about rights and obligations set out in the Spanish Constitution and the laws in the south of Madrid.