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Based on the SSF’s experience and the know-how acquired in projects from local to European level in the field of the labour inclusion of people in situation of vulnerability, SSF has developed the European Integration System (EIS).

The EIS has become a methodology of intervention and is composed of five counselling zones to provide a tailored counselling to people at risk of exclusion, mainly people with migrant background, to improve their labour and social inclusion. The zones are:

  1. RECOGNITION ZONE: reception space to offer personalised services for registration, initial interview and application of tailored tools for the assessment and recognition of prior learning.
  2. TRAINING ZONE: provides a complete guidance through different learning solutions for the development and upskilling of the skills of the indirect target group, with the aim of improving their lifelong learning.
  3. EMPLOYMENT ZONE: focused on the provision of career guidance and vocational assessment.
  4. MOBILITY ZONE: will analyse the suitability for a second mobility of the target groups, for a better path of work and to improve their competences.
  5. FOLLOW-UP AND INCLUSION ZONE: provides, firstly, a number of resources for improving the social inclusion of people in situation of vulnerability, such as active participation in social life (volunteerism), legal counselling on migratory issues, databases of local and regional training programs, public and private services, among others. Secondly, it will provide professionals dealing with this group with the best practices and tools to maintain a constant and periodical tracking of their social and labour inclusion.

Since the implementation of the SIE in 2017, more than 2,400 people have been served by SSF's employment guidance services, of which more than 500 have found a job or been promoted.

In addition, more than 40% of the users have carried out social participation actions as volunteers.

EIS session