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"DIVE IN - "Preventing violent radicalisation among young people in Europe through innovative training approaches" is funded by AMIF (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund). It aims to support local actors working particularly with young people by improving their knowledge and capacity to prevent and counteract radicalisation (with a specific pragmatic focus on violent radicalisation).

DIVE IN will produce innovative and specific training material, provide learners with tailor-made trainings offering them "life learning scenarios" and an online cooperation centre for local actors, open also to other Member States, sharing lessons learned and space for common prevention projects based on respective knowledge gained.

This will be managed within the virtual Training Centre DIVE IN, will train the trainer and will train educators and local actors (in particular: HE/VET teachers, counsellors and social inclusion advocates) in the 4 partner countries (Austria, Greece, Spain, Italy) and the identified associated partners and multipliers (in Germany , France, Norway).

Our aim is to support local actors, including non-profit organizations, by improving their knowledge and capacity to prevent and counteract radicalization, with a particular focus on the vulnerabilities of young people to religious and political extremism. These local actors with whom you will work in this project are: education providers (non formal / formal), youth centres and other non-profit organisations in contact with the target group (e.g. also sports environments to provide informal learning experiences) and local authorities (e.g. labour office, social inclusion centres). The project partners belong to them.

According to the experience of the project partners in the daily work with young adults, including those with a migration background, criminals, homeless people, their staff has been, and is progressively more, exposed to dealing with people who have radical beliefs, showing aggressive behaviour due to different ideologies.

DIVE IN will develop and implement training and coexistence plans to teach the above-mentioned local actors to prevent young adults from turning to extremism and to establish a strategy to counteract the measures.

This will be achieved by providing training on the understanding of the role and importance of interculturality, social grouping, the Internet as a potential channel for extremism, the detection of risk behaviours and how to establish a coexistence plan with the aim of preventing and counteracting radicalisation. It is expected that this will help to reduce the number of incidents in relation to "racism and/or xenophobia", to provide better services towards the final beneficiaries, to help combat stereotypes, to increase social inclusion, to raise awareness about contact with the cells and their ideology, to result in fewer complaints about problems, to improve the perception of concern, to encourage the linking of local actors.

The website of the project is already available!