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About Us

SOLIDARIDAD SIN FRONTERAS (SSF) is a nonprofit organization founded by multidisciplinary professionals of different nationalities.

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Our organization aims to:


Foster the integration and coexistence of citizens.
Promote awareness, education and solidarity in order to create responsible communities and promote their development.
Defend the right to education and citizen participation .
Promote social cohesion amongst people and different societies, as the cornerstone of building a more just and equitable society.
 SSF was founded in 2009. We can highlight its secondment in the following registers, municipal councils and other fora:

Listed in the National Register of Associations of the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Spain
Recognized as NGDO (Non Governmental Development Organization) in the SPANISH AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION (AECID) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.
Member of the European Union (EU)reference network in intercultural actions, migration support and fighting against discrimination, the "Spanish Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation - Union for the Mediterranean (UfM )” which is linked to the EU.
"SSF" is granted EU Accreditation as sending, receiving and coordination institution for the European Voluntary Service “EVS” under the Erasmus + program with reference number 2016-1-ES02-KA110-007961.
Registered in the city of Madrid in the category of Associations for Development Cooperation.
Registered in the city of Leganés as an entity of public participation.
SECTOR COUNCIL FOR IMMIGRATION AND COEXISTENCE - Immigration Forum of The Municipality of LEGANÉS . " SSF " is an active member of the Sectoral Council for Immigration and Coexistence - Immigration Forum of the Municipality of Leganes, not only as a member but also as part of the permanent council of immigration and coexistence as VICE-CHAIR.
"SSF" is VOCAL OF THE REGIONAL FORUM FOR IMMIGRATION OF THE COMMUNITY OF MADRID . The actions of this Regional Forum are developed within the framework of action of SSF in his defense of the rights and care for people at risk of social exclusion, and based on an intercultural integrated approach
"SSF” is granted legal personality recognized by administrative decision by the Department of La Paz of The Plurinational State of Bolivia
Memories, transparency and institutional information

SSF presents its most relevant institutional information through its Activities Report in order to announce in detail the development of the actions undertaken. Moreover, the Activities Report is a tool that allows us to convey the scope of our institutional project to potential partners and collaborators interested in joining us and / or contribute to our advocacy and social action.


International Projects, European Projects, Cooperation and Co-Development.
Research, training and awareness.
Volunteerism and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).