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  • M.YTH.WORK 2016-2018

    MYth WORK project was designed to address the needs of young migrants, asylum seekers and refugees: on the one hand, to identify innovative techniques in the field of non-formal education addressed to young migrants, asylum seekers and refugees; and, on the other hand, to create - from these techniques - materials addressed to professional staff in the field of youth in order to have evaluated and quality tools.

  • Interhealth (2016-2018)

    The aim of the project was to increase the intercultural competences of healthcare professionals in Europe, through non-formal training. Five intellectual products were developed, one of which, the Policy Recommendations Guide, was led by SSF.

    This project has been funded with support from the European Union.

  • Keep on (2016-2018)

    The aim of the project was to support and train educational professionals (formal and non-formal) to prevent the school abandonment of immigrant students, refugees and asylum seekers.

    More than 3,000 professionals participated in the project, which developed 4 intellectual products:
    1. Database of good practices in the prevention of school abandonment.
    2. Training curriculum for professionals.
    Pedagogical manual for professionals.
    4. Professional Toolbox to prevent school abandonment

  • Lighthouse project (2014-2017)

    The Erasmus + Lighthouse Project was developed by Solidaridad Sin Fronteras between 2014 and 2017, and was awarded as good practice by the European Commission. Lighthouse establishes a model and innovative tools to support migrants' lifelong learning and careers, through counselling and recognition of prior learning, to improve their skills, employability and mobility. The results and intellectual products are accessible through its website: