Social Action

"Solidaridad Sin Fronteras", "SSF", "Acción Social" , "Inserción sociolaboral", "empleo", "trabajo", "Renta mínima"

‘ALFARO EMPLEO’ is aimed at promoting the social and labor inclusion of people in the situation of social vulnerability living in the south of the Community of Madrid. Most of them do not have the minimum income of insertion trough personalized insertion itineraries. The project will favor the employability of these people by enhancing the acquisition and improvement of personal and socio-labor skills and facilitating their access to the labor market.

Group activities and individual tutorials will be developed, as well as actions of labor intermediation and business prospecting. The project will be developed throughout 2018. In order to promote social and labor inclusion and the employability of people on working age in situations of social vulnerability in Alcorcón, where different activities will be carried out:

Initial interview. There will be individual tutoring with each person referred to the project by the professional reference of the Social Services of Alcorcón, who will have previously agreed with the person his/her individual insertion program and the incorporation into the project.

Active Job Search Workshop (BAE). As a group, the following contents will be addressed: definition of the professional objective, job search tools (preparation of curriculum vitae, video-resume, cover letter, and digital professional profiles), job search resources, selection processes and other content adapted according to assessments of needs.

Workshop of new information and communication technologies (NICT) applied to job search, adapted to the ICT knowledge of the users who participate.

Workshop ‘Wake up your talent’. Development of personal, social and labor skills, as well as training in transversal skills for the search and maintenance of employment.

Employment and sustainable development workshop. Reduction of the use of resources and adaptation to environmental regulations in the workplace.

Individual tutorials of information and guidance. They will be scheduled periodically along with the people served, individual tutoring to provide information, guidance and advice on training and employment resources.

Group information sessions on mobility and training processes with a European dimension. Bimonthly sessions will be programmed to publicize European mobility projects that promote the mobility of young people in the area at European level to strengthen their training processes and work skills.

Coordination with the Social Services of Alcorcón. The Social Services of the City of Alcorcón will be one of the main sources of referral of people at social exclusion risk for their incorporation into the project. In this way, bimonthly coordination meetings will be established to monitor and propose project improvement, as well as monitoring individual cases.

Individual follow-up and support tutoring. In addition to the individual tutorials of information and guidance described above, individual tutorials will be held to track the process of socio-labor insertion.

Business prospecting and intermediation activities. Regular contacts and meetings will be held with the business referents to find out the labor market offers, detect the most requested profiles and carry out the management of job offers adapting the applications with the required profiles.

Specific training on a demanded profile in the labor market in coordination with a company. A collaboration agreement will be established with a company to provide a training activity with the possibility of internships for the participants.

Unpaid internships in companies. Through contact with companies the possibility of unpaid internships will be offered to those participants with the specific training of the required profile by the company in order to put into practice what they have learned so they gain experience in the sector.

‘ALFARO EMPLEO’ project is aimed at young people (between 17 and 30 years old) who do not study, work or receive training; people over 40 years old, long-term stops and RMI recipients; immigrant population and /or other vulnerable people (LGTBI, ethnic minorities, prison population). ‘ALFARO EMPLEO’ Project, that started at the beginning of 2018, is financed by Comunidad de Madrid.

"Solidaridad Sin Fronteras", "SSF", "Acción Social" , "Inserción sociolaboral", "empleo", "trabajo"

‘ADALID EMPLEO’ aims to foster labor inclusion of young people with social vulnerability in Alcorcón, in coordination with the Social Services through personalized itineraries of accompaniment during the insertion process. This project will improve the employability of the residents of Alcorcón strengthening their social and labor skills as well as facilitating adaptation to the needs of the labor market.

In order to promote social inclusion avoiding any form of discrimination, ‘ADALID EMPLEO’ project contemplates the following activities:

Individual tutorials and personalized attention in the development of the person’s insertion process. An initial interview-reception will be carried out where the SSF professional will fill out a needs assessment and Employability Diagnosis sheet, which will be the starting point to design the individual insertion itinerary of the person served or the referral to other specialized resources.

Group workshops will be held on active job search that include training sessions on training tools to help them to search a job, curriculum development, video curriculum, cover letter, digital professional profiles, selection processes, etc. Job search workshops are included through new technologies in which people will be trained to use computers focused on job search.

Training workshops in transversal competences (‘DESPIERTA TU TALENTO’). The participants will know and practice personal, social and labor skills involved in the search and maintenance of employment, using resources of coaching and emotional intelligence. The project contemplates a innovate element: the process of identification, information and accompaniment to the formal recognition of social skills to identify skills learned throughout life. In this regard, SSF has the experience designing and implementing this activity through the European project LIGHTHOUSE (

A specific training activity will be carried out in a specific work profile with the possibility of work training practices in collaboration with a company. The training activity will be determined according to the information on the needs and profiles of the people served, as well as the information on the needs of the labor market through business prospecting activities and the network of public alliances (Alcorcón City Council) and private.

In coordination with the Alcorcón City Council: contacts will be made with the companies to find out about the offers of the labor market and their conditions to carry out the labor orientation in the most appropriate way and to manage those that favor the incorporation into the labor world of the people of concern. Likewise, awareness-raising and advisory work will be carried out regarding the hiring of the groups served in the project. Prospection will be carried out in the labor market using alliances in public and private networks, work roundtables as well as other interesting areas for employability reason.

‘ADALID EMPLEO’ project is aimed at people at risk of social exclusion, ethnic minorities like: adults and unemployed young people (long-term priority and women), population with low level education, young people with immigrant parents / legal custodians (second generations), adults and young immigrants (legal residents) and people with limited opportunities to participate in activities of social, occupational, leisure, family, etc. due to their personal of family situation. ‘ADALID EMPLEO’ project that started at the beginning of 2018, is financed by Fundación Obra Social La Caixa.

ENTRE IGUALES project aims at sensitize and empower the population of the Southern Metropolitan Side of Comunidad de Madrid on political and social rights and duties, as well as training them on tolerance, respect and equal treatment. Also it is focused to fight against all forms of discrimination, to avoid these behaviors and promote social cohesion and integration. For this, the beneficiaries will be encouraged to participate and act on the problems that affect their closest environment. Innovative methodologies, non-formal education and social mentoring will be used to increase the understanding of diversity and improve their social integration.

Focusing on the prevention of discriminatory behaviors and to improve integration, insertion and social cohesion, especially on the most vulnerable population of the Southern Metropolitan Side of Comunidad de Madrid, SOLIDARIDAD SIN FRONTERAS will impart different workshops and group activities. ENTRE IGUALES project is focused on students (between 11 and 30 years old), population at risk of exclusion (migrant people, ethnic minorities, refugees, political asylees and population excluded by sexual condition), parents / young people families, educational professionals and municipal technicians, NGO technicians and social workers. ENTRE IGUALES Project, that started at the beginning of 2018, is financed by Comunidad de Madrid.

This project was initiated in 2014 with funding from the Department of Social Affairs of the City of Leganes and is expected to last two years.

The SAEX project aims to promote and enhance the socio- occupational and civic integration of foreign residents in the city of Leganes (South of Madrid crown) , through actions of comprehensive care, counseling and legal advice ( individual and group ) in migration matters, training and information about rights and obligations enshrined in the Spanish Constitution and laws, to prevent the administrative irregularity, and to favor the integration of legal immigrants in the municipality of Leganés.

It can be highlighted the following objectives of the project SAEX:

1) Provide an adequate, accesible and effective service of information, guidance and legal advice on immigration matters.
2) Advice on immigration procedures designed for the foreign population in order to obtain legal residency as the main tool in the process of social integration.
3) Personalized attention and monitoring procedures of immigration records
4)Provide information and guidance to immigrants in other areas of law related to immigration procedures (labor, social security and criminal).
5) Provide professional mentoring monitoring in cases of especial vulnerability
6) Disseminate knowledge in the exercise of rights and obligations.
7) Promote knowledge by employers and businesses of procedures that affect them on foreigners.
8) Providing a specialized service on foreigners to municipal officers, particularly social services involved with foreigners.
9) Networking and coordination with professionals from the municipal social services and other public resources.
10) Collaboration with different devices and public and private resources involved with immigrants, with social partners and immigrant associations.
11) Promote knowledge of municipal and regional resources and devices.
12) Refer the most suitable free resource.

While the direct target populations are foreign immigrants, the direct and indirect recipients that can be identified are:

· Foreign Population

· Native Population

· Employers

· Professionals and technicians of municipal social services.

· Inmigrants Associations

· Organizations that support Migrant Population

The SAEX project provides various tools and undertakes activities to achieve its objectives. You can highlight the following instruments:

1) Group workshops information on foreigners

2) Individual attention on foreigners and reception

3) Mentoringparticularlyvulnerable cases

4) Collaboration with Social Agents and Migrant Associations

For more information about the SAEX project, you can consult the corresponding area of ​​immigration SSF through your email inmigració

The SSF CAF Project is an effective way for people with financial difficulties to get low-interest microloans, without having to go to the bank, where they deny the credit formula. Financial self-financing communities has been working with great success for years.

The architect of its implementation is Jean Claude Rodríguez- Ferrara, founder and director of the NGO Community Development. These communities allow immigrants to build supporting networks and communities with people with similar economic needs, contributing to increase the social bond and find their place in Spanish society.

Our CAF is called CAF SSF and is a tool to promote a solidarity economy. This pilot project in Madrid, which continues from 2013 to date, will be responsible for establishing these communities and replicate them elsewhere.

CAF SSF consists of 10 people of different nationalities, who meet once a month and make a small financial contribution to a fund. Whenever a member of the CAF SSF needs money, it asks the Community instead of the bank. The group sets the interest rate at the end of the year and if there are profits, they are shared equally between everyone.

The Project for Awareness and Prevention of Gender Discrimination and Violence in South crown of Madrid took place in 2014 with the support of the company OCIOGIM of the Complutense University of Madrid.
This project was a result of the emergency situation suffered by women migrants. In fact, the migration process of women took center stage at the time they fell in the open road to international migration. Gender status helped this process, consolidating them as a key part of the migration chain.
The economic crisis has reinforced this feminization of migrance, so it is set as institutional objective to work on awareness and prevention against gender discrimination and violence. For this purpose, in 2014, SSF ran 16 workshops with women from 16 different nationalities.
Transversal Intervention Project for the integration of immigrant families phase III has been carried out during 2014 by expert advice on immigration matters and labor law, administrative processes and social and labor insertion. This project has been funded with private funds, provided by the Private Enterprise Import and Export SA.
The aim of the project, already developed in the third phase is to provide a free professional and itinerant service aimed at all citizens under the principle of equal access to administrative regularity and the labor market.
During the first and second half of 2014 SSF have been developing individual sessions to assess the case and subsequent permanent citizen advisory. On the other hand, specialized group workshops for families in situations of social / administrative exclusion are developed. This service is complemented the implementation of training sessions on foreign issues, followed by training for employment.