European Projects

The main objective of this project is to strengthen the professional development of teachers of students up to 7 years old through professional tools at European level and online courses using training platforms.The aim is to promote:

Positive behavior in class, regular attendance at school and improving the learning process. Train teachers on processes and new teaching methods at European level.
Provide teachers with new methods of non-formal education in their daily work in the classroom with children to achieve a positive school climate.
Provideteachers with basic skills in order to prepare children to enter and succeed in the classroom.
Improving the quality of teachers in the monitoring and detection of risk factors for school attendance.
Helping children in personal development and improve learning motivation.
The project consists of a consortium of experts’ partners Spain, UK, Italy, Austria, Greece and Germany. SSF is the Spanish partner in the development and implementation of the project at all stages in Spain

The LIGHTHOUSE project aims to support learning and employability of the immigrant population in a coordinated and permanent way at a communitarian level.

This project arises from the lack of a unified and personalized tool to provide professional advice and guidance to immigrants and helps to evaluate their knowledge and skills, improving and promoting their integration into the European labor market.

Currently only a few European countries have set up public access points that make up the different learning services, such as validating prior learning and career guidance, offering programs tailored to individual beneficiaries. Through the Lighthouse project a model and some innovative tools to support learning throughout life and career of migrants through counseling and recognition of prior learning will be established, to improve their skills, employability and mobility. This training method is called OUSE (counseling and recognition of prior learning adapted to improve the skills, employability and mobility).

SSF is a leading organization interacting with other European organizations with extensive experience in the field of immigration as INFODEF from Valladolid, BEST from Austria, ITG Conseil from France, Rogaland School and Business Development from Norway, IASIS NGO from Greece, and Cardet from Cyprus.

KEEP ON project aims to enhance the professional development of school educators and teachers, equipping them with innovative apporches and methodologies -as Dialogic learning, to foster an active role of students in the teaching and learning process. This will help school professionals to manage Cultural Diversity in order to prevent dropout of migrants and ethic minorities.

Five partner organizations (including one Regional Directorate of Education, a Secondary School, a social organization and a private educational entity) from four countries (Spain, Turkey, Greece and Austria) shall jointly work to develop this project.

The basic aim of the InterHealth project is to reinforce the intercultural competences of healthcare professionals who treat culturally diverse populations such as migrants, refugees and other ethnic minorities. In particular, InterHealth aims to increase the competences of healthcare professionals concerning communication with patients who have diverse beliefs about health and diseases/illness.

One of the main outputs of the project, the InterHealth Curriculum for Intercultural Competences of Healthcarewill be based on EQF (European Qualification Framework) and ECVET (European Credit system for Vocational Education & Training) guidelines. This way the project encompasses the goal for a unified qualification system across Europe. Healthcare professionals who will use the specific Curriculum will enjoy the benefits of training that is recognizable in all Europe countries.

The project Interhealth is composed by a consortium of partners from 5 different countries: Greece, France, Italy, Spain and Austria.